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Wubbenhorst, William

Non-Resident Scholar

William Wubbenhorst recently completed a two-year term as Associate Commissioner for the Family and Youth Services Bureau within the Administration for Children and Families in the US Department of Health and Human Services, overseeing programs providing Runaway and Homeless Youth, Family Violence Prevention, and Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention programs and services.  William Wubbenhorst currently resumed his role as a Non-Resident Scholar for the Institute for Studies of Religion (ISR) at Baylor University.   Previous to that, he served a total of 13 years as a Senior Management Consultant and Return On Investment (ROI) Specialist for ICF International and Macro International. Over the years, William Wubbenhorst has collaborated with professors from several prestigious academic institutions, including Baylor University, Boston University and Harvard University. He has published a variety of peer-reviewed journal publications and case studies.  Most recently, Mr. Wubbenhorst co-authored a national study entitled Assessing the Faith-Based Response to Homelessness in America:  Findings from Eleven Cities, published through Baylor ISR.  He also authored Incorporating Faith & Works Within a Healthcare Network (2017), also through Baylor ISR.  Other Baylor ISR publications related to prisoner re-entry and recidivism include: Recidivism Reduction and Return On Investment: An Empirical Assessment of the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (2013), Stronger Families, Stronger Society: An Analysis of the RIDGE Project, Inc. (2014).