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Jeffrey Fish
Baylor ISR Faculty Fellow, Professor of Ancient Manuscripts

The Baylor University Collegium for Manuscript Research is an association of Baylor scholars who do manuscript or papyrus research in Hebrew, Greek, Syriac, Latin and several medieval vernaculars. We have formed a collegium to facilitate the work of our members, which includes primary research on both documentary and literary papyri, the preparation of diplomatic editions with translation, critical editions and the study of reading practices.

We link strategic information, share findings and collaborate. As a cohort of scholars with specialized skills in paleography, codicology and languages, we seek to encourage the work of our members and to engage with scholars of like interests beyond Baylor University. We are not an academic program in the sense that our teaching occurs within our respective disciplines, but rather a community of scholars located together at Baylor, a collegium in the medieval sense. We are funded individually through a variety of agencies and foundations; our current projects involve manuscript materials from a range of public and private university libraries as well as private collections.

Those already involved or seeking to become involved in manuscript research may find this site helpful for networking, and our “News” section, reporting on current research projects of our members, may also be of interest.

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