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Offutt, Steven

Non-Resident Scholar
Asbury Theological Seminary
Steven Offutt CV

Stephen Offutt is the author of multiple books and articles, including Blood Entanglements: Evangelicals and Gangs in El Salvador (Oxford University Press 2023) and New Centers of Global Evangelicalism in Latin America and Africa (Cambridge University Press 2015). He is a co-author of Religion and Poverty: Monotheistic Responses Around the Globe (Routledge 2024) and a co-founder of the journal Christian Relief, Development & Advocacy (CRDA).

Offutt’s primary research interest is in the intersection of religion and U.S. foreign aid. He is the principal investigator for the Religion, Global Poverty & International Development (RPD) research project, a decade long, multi-country initiative. The RPD takes as a case study the Millennium Challenge Corporation, a U.S. government foreign aid initiative with work throughout the Global South and East.

Offutt received his B.A. in political science (Wheaton College 1995), his M.A. in international relations (SAIS-Johns Hopkins University 2000) and his PhD in sociology (Boston University 2009).  He worked for over five years for Christian development and missions organizations in Central America and Southern Africa.  Offutt previously taught at Eastern University’s School for Leadership & Development, Wheaton College’s Human Needs & Global Resources program, and Asbury Theological Seminary’s E. Stanley Jones School of Mission & Evangelism.