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Regnerus, Mark

Non-Resident Scholar, Family & Religion
University of Texas
Email Mark Regnerus

Prior to joining the faculty at UT, Dr. Regnerus was director of the Center for Social Research at Calvin College (2001-02). Regnerus’ current research interests concern the influence of religion on adolescent behavior. His work offers a developmental, intergenerational way of looking at how religion plays a significant role in the socialization of children and youth. His research on religious influences on educational resilience was featured recently in the USA Today, The Washington Post, and Time Magazine. Additionally, Professor Regnerus has also conducted research on peer effects on adolescent delinquency, religious influences on adolescent sexual behavior and parent/child communication about sex, religion and family well-being, the influence of religiosity on Latino adolescents, and the role of social context in the development of religious behavior.

His recent work has been published in such journals as Social Forces, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Social Psychology Quarterly, and Social Science Research. He is also a collaborator on the Lilly Endowment funded National Study of Youth and Religion. His published work has garnered both the 1999 and the 2001 Best Article Award from the ASA Section on the Sociology of Religion.


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