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Hall, Mark David – Publications

Faith and the Founders of the American Republic
by Daniel L. Dreisbach (Editor) , Mark David Hall (Editor)
Oxford University Press, USA (March 3, 2014)

Roger Sherman and the Creation of the American Republic
By Mark David Hall, Oxford University Press, November 2012

America’s Forgotten Founders
by Gary L. Gregg II and Mark David Hall, Intercollegiate Studies Institute; 2011

Collected Works of James Wilson
Edited by Mark David Hall, Liberty Fund Inc. 2007

The Forgotten Founders on Religion and Public Life
eds. Daniel Dreisbach, Mark David Hall and Jeffry H. Morrison, University of Notre Dame Press, October 29, 2009

Sacred Rights of Conscience Selected Readings on Religious Liberty & Church-State Relations in the American Founding
eds. Daniel Dreisbach and Mark David Hall,Liberty Fund, 2009