From Indonesia, a Muslim Challenge to the Ideology of the Islamic State - New York Times
Destroying Japanese Christianity Philip Jenkins at the Anxious Bench blog
Syrian immigrants discover friendship in Waco as homeland unravels - @WacoTrib
A More Conservative Catholic Church Awaits Pope Francis in Africa - NY Times quotes #Baylor ISR's Philip Jenkins
check out the great video library from our friends at @BaylorIFL lots of new content from the #SpiritofSports conf.
Mani and the Giants Philip Jenkins at the Anxious Bench blog
Alister McGrath's Parchman Lectures at @TruettSeminary now posted online
Baylor ISR: Whitefield Symposium Bruce Hindmarsh (November 13-14, 2014) Youtube Video:
Turkey: Reopen Halki Seminary | @USCIRF
Pope’s first African trip will give him a glimpse of abject slums and civil war - Wash. Post quotes Philip Jenkins

November 25, 2015
November 13, 2015
November 11, 2015
November 10, 2015
November 3, 2015
November 2, 2015
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October 21, 2015
ISR’s Philip Jenkins in The Washington Post
Can the Anglican Communion stay together? The Archbishop of Canterbury calls for talks - Washington Post Article
 ISR’s Thomas S. Kidd weighs in on Trump's Presidential Bid
Many leaders of the church have already denounced the billionaire’s non-Christlike antics and now others may be following suit.


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