mark your calendars for the magnificent Oct. 2017 @BaylorIFL symposium "The Reformation and the Bible"
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Early Syriac Christian Reactions to the Rise of Islam - Michael Philip Penn address at #Baylor
Why Colonial America Was So Afraid of Catholic Quebec |@NCRegister cites Thomas Kidd's book God of Liberty
Of Monsters and Black Lives | Philip Jenkins, The American Conservative
Grant Wacker lecture at #Baylor tomorrow "Billy Graham and American Political Culture"

Hankins, Barry

IMG_0018Resident Scholar, Religion & American Culture
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Dr. Hankins holds an M.A. in Church-State Studies from Baylor and a Ph.D. in History from Kansas State University. He has published numerous books and many articles in academic journals. As a Professor of History and Graduate Program Director, he possesses considerable expertise in religion and American culture, Protestant fundamentalism and evangelicalism, and the relationship of church and state in American history.


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