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Manuscript Research Scholars

Baylor University has assembled and developed one of the strongest faculties in the country for research in manuscripts and papyri, notably in both classical and biblical traditions.

Fr Abjar Bahkou Ph D Abjar Bahkou (PhD Rome: Arabic and Islamic Studies)–Arabic literature, culture and language
baker Lori Baker (PhD Tennessee: Anthropology)–DNA identification for dating and provenance of mss.
Faculty - new and updates - Headshot, mug - Beth Barr - 08/17/2010 Beth Allison Barr (PhD UNC, Chapel Hill: History) Medieval English Sermons, gendered language, women in sermons; fifteenth-century Dominican Sermon cycle.
Bentsen Eileen M. Bentsen (MPhil, NYU; Adv. Certif. Preservation Admin., Columbia, Library) – Medieval English paleography and codicology, digital history and digital humanities, 15th Latin manuscript, A Myrour for Lewed Men and Wymen [U Penn ms].
Burnett Joel S. Burnett (PhD Johns Hopkins University, Near Eastern Studies; Religion)—Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, Northwest Semitic languages, history and religion of ancient Israel and Transjordan.
Burris faculty headshot Simon Burris (PhD Cornell: Classics) — Archaic Greek; Papyrology—collaborated with Fish and Obbink on the major Sappho project [GSI].
diLuzio Joseph A. DiLuzio (PhD Boston University: Classics) — Cicero, Rhetoric, Late Roman Republic — edition with translation of an illuminated MS prayer-book of Charles V.
Donnelly Philip Donnelly (PhD Ottawa: Great Texts) –Milton, Seventeenth Century Literary, Theological and Philosophical texts.
Jeff_fish Jeffrey Fish (PhD Texas: Classics) –He has focused primarily on the Herculaneum papyri and their relation to Augustan poetry. He is currently editing a volume of papyri from the Museum of the Bible and finishing an edition of On the Good King According to Homer, a treatise by Philodemus of Gadara.
Fulton Dierdre Fulton (PhD, Penn State: Religion)–Hebrew Scriptures and OT archaeology.
hunt2 Jeffrey Hunt (PhD Brown: Classics) Hellenistic literature–research project on literacy and book production.
david_jeffrey web David Lyle Jeffrey (PhD Princeton: Honors Program/ISR ) —Scripture and Tradition; editions of mss in Latin, Italian, French and Middle English of 12th-14th c, lyric poetry, preaching handbooks, etc; edition from mss of Anglo-Norman Lyric poetry; assistance with GSI projects.
JOHNSON1 Junius Johnson (PhD Yale: Great Texts)–Medieval Theology, especially Scholastic (Bonaventure, Aquinas, Wyclif); Medieval Latin translation. Forthcoming: On The Holy Eucharist (translation of St. Bonaventure’s IV Sentences dd. 8-13. Dallas Medieval Texts in Translation, Peeters Press of Louvain (2015).
Johnston Hope Johnston (PhD Cambridge:English)–Medieval French and English paleography and codicology; research on incunabula, illuminated ms additions to early printed Chaucer editions.
jones2 Ken Jones (PhD Berkeley: Classics and History) — Mediterranean Archaeology, documentary papyri; Rome and the Jews.
picture_longenecker Bruce Longenecker (PhD Durham: Religion) –NT scholar; work on Pompeii and Herculaneum; Romans 9 [GSI] fragment.
sj_murray Sarah Jane Murray (PhD Princeton: Great Texts) –Medieval Manuscripts and Technologies; edition and translation from the manuscripts of the 14th c Ovide Moralisée, a vernacular text with theological and philosophical commentary, (funded 2011-14 by NEH); other Medieval ms projects.
nielsen2 Melinda Nielsen (PhD Notre Dame: Great Texts) -–Medieval Manuscript Studies; Latin and Middle English mss of the Boethian tradition; current direction as GSI scholar mentor of Speculum Historia Humanae Salvationis edition.
nodes Daniel Nodes (PhD Toronto: Medieval Studies) –Intersections of classical literary forms and Christian thought in Late Antiquity and the Renaissance. Editor of Avitus of Vienne’s Spiritalis Historia, a biblical epic on Genesis and Exodus (5th c) from 9th century mss. First critical edition of Giles of Viterbo’s Commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lombard ad mentem Platonis (16th c). Co-editor and translator of John Colet’s Ecclesiastical Hierarchy (16th c). Current project [GSI] on the Collationes of Frater Petrus (14th c).
picture_parsons Mikeal Parsons (PhD Southern Seminary: Religion) —NT textual scholar; Bodmer papyri; Romans 9 [GSI] fragment.
saadi2 Abdul Massih Saadi (PhD Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago: New Testament and Syriac Christianity) Syriac, Aramaic, Arabic cataloguer, Voobus Syriac and Arabic mss collection, Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago; Syriac MS Project, Hill Monastic Library (Collegeville); research on Syriac patristic commentaries; Bible translations into Modern Aramaic and Arabic.
smith2 Alden Smith (PhD Rutgers: Classics) — Virgil and Ovid; research projects on manuscript variants for Virgil texts; edition Aneid, book V.
weaver William Weaver (PhD Columbia: Great Texts) —Renaissance Humanism and Classical Tradition; research on mss related to Reformer and classicist Philip Melancthon; funding from Loeb Classical Library Foundation and the International Society for the History of Rhetoric for current project, editing Philip Melancthon’s lectures on Homer.
white David J. White (PhD University of Florida: Classics)–Latin, Greek and Akkadian; Assistant Curator of Manuscripts, University of Pennsylvania; current project Elizabeth de Bohun Book of Hours.
DanWilliams Daniel H. Williams (PhD Toronto: Religion) —History of Christian Theology; research on patristic commentaries; Carolingian mss [GSI], edition of Smaragdus Lenten homilies.
Regular Visiting Distinguished Faculty:
brown Michelle Brown (PhD Univ of London: British Museum, Baylor University Visiting Distinguished Professor)–leading expert on medieval Latin mss of the Christian tradition; codicology; medieval art history; current book projects are ‘Celtic, Pictish and Anglo-Saxon Visual Culture’ for the Bodleian, (2015), and ‘The Latin MSS of the Holy Monastery of St Catherine’s, Sinai’ forthcoming.