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Jerry Pattengale

Distinguished Senior Fellow and Director of the Green Scholars Initiative

Dr. Jerry Pattengale, ISR Distinguished Senior Fellow and Director of the Green Scholars Initiative.  He serves as the Assistant Provost for Public Engagement at Indiana Wesleyan University,  the Executive Director of The National Conversations, a writing partner at GiANT Impact, a Senior Fellow for the Sagamore Institute, and Associate Publisher for Christian Scholar’s Review.

He continues to speak nationally on higher educational issues, and in 2008 his Teaching Professor broadcast set the all-time viewing record for Magna Publications.  He is a leading voice for Purpose-Guided Education ™, a term he coined in 1997. These humanities-based views are manifest in his recent books Why I Teach and Purpose-Guided Education (McGraw-Hill) and Helping Sophomores Succeed (Jossey-Bass). Engagements have included a wide range of conferences, broadcasts and universities, from Michigan, Houston, UTEP, and Central Florida to Colgate, Taylor, IPFW and Ivy Tech. In 2000, the National Resource Center (USC) and Houghton Mifflin selected him for the National Student Advocate Award. He’s also held a NEH award to Greece, and was twice named Professor of the Year by the Azusa Pacific University student body. In addition to a long-standing weekly newsprint column (Buck Creek Chronicles), among his other works are A Brief Guide to Objective Inquiry, Straight Talk; Leading Business by the Book (Triangle), Visible Solutions for Invisible Students (USC) and Taking Captive Every Thought: 40 Years of the Christian Scholar’s Review (Abilene Christian University Press, with CSR editors). Forthcoming books with publishers include Beyond Integration? Interdisciplinary Possibilities for the Future of Christian Higher Education (with Todd Ream & David Riggs); A Collection of Habits: Virtues for the First-Year of College (with IWU colleagues); Your Life Wedge; Buck Creek, and; several books and resources associated with the Green Scholars Initiative.

In the fall of 2010 he became the first Director of the Green Scholars Initiative, an international project involving dozens of institutions. The newly assembled Green Collection, highlighted recently in New York Times articles, is among the world’s largest collection of ancient texts and items related to the Judeo-Christian story (around 60,000 and growing). From thousands of cuneiform texts and papyri, Dead Sea Scrolls, Climaci Receptus and Coptic texts to Gutenberg, Caxton, Wycliff, Tyndale, Thomas a’Kempis, Erasmus, King James, and a litany of Reformation and post-Reformation originals, the Green Collection will provide several Senior Scholars and their research clusters rare hands-on original research opportunities. This will revolutionize the undergraduate-research experience for generations of students in related humanities disciplines. Preliminary studies of very early un-researched Greek papyri have already revealed early Christian Scriptures and early sections of Greek classics. Major exhibitions and addresses have already taken place or scheduled at prominent venues, ranging from the Vatican Embassy (DC) and Vatican City (Rome) to The Sagamore Institute, academic conferences and numerous colleges. The Institute for Studies of Religion was selected as the academic home for the Green Scholars Initiative. The Green Scholars Initiative is named after its funders, the Green family, the benevolent owners of Hobby Lobby.