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Schedule of Events

The End of Religion?
November 10, 2015
9:00 am – 11:00 am
National Press Club, Washington, DC

9:00-9:05 am – Welcome and Opening Remarks
Byron Johnson

9:05-9:20 am – “A Godless American Founding?”
Thomas S. Kidd

9:20-9:35 am – “Godless Europe?”
Philip Jenkins

9:35-9:50 am – “Godless Lives?: Does Religion Matter for Our Well Being?”
Jeff Levin

9:50-10:05 am – “The Myth of American Piety?”
Byron R. Johnson

10:05-10:20 am – “Toward a Godless America?”
J. Gordon Melton

10:20-10:35 am – “A Godless World? Signs of a Global Religious Revival”
Rodney Stark

10:35-11:00 am – Question and Answer Session