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National Leadership Convention: “Mobilize America in Support of Christians in the Middle East” – Byron R. Johnson presents


This September 9-11,2015

In Defense of Christians (IDC) invites you to join us for our
National Leadership Convention:
“Mobilize America in Support of Christians in the Middle East”

-Advocate in the United States Congress
-Build Ecumenical Coalitions
-Launch Regional Chapters
-Raise Awareness with Leading Artists, Singers, and Filmmakers

Capstone Event: Join Members of Congress and Religious Leaders at
IDC’s Annual Solidarity Dinner
on September 11th at 6:30 pm at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Capitol Hill.
(Tickets can be purchased separately from convention registration)

Click Here and Register Now!





Wednesday, September 9 “International Policy and Ecumenical Outreach”

  • Policy roundtable on “Can Religious Pluralism Survive in Iraq? The Prospects of a Haven for Christians and Other Minorities in Iraq” (limited seating)
  • Press Confernence at the National Press Club on Narrowing the Culture Gap: Fostering Engagement Between Americans & Middle East Christians
  • Ecumenical prayer service at St. Joseph’s Church on Capitol Hill

Thursday, September 10 “Congressional Advocacy and Awareness”

  • Policy briefing featuring Members of Congress on current U.S. policies regarding religious minorities in the Middle East, and roundtable led by advocacy experts on “How to Mobilize Congress for the Christians of the Middle East”
  • Advocacy meetings with Members of Congress
  • IDC cultural night at the French Embassy with music, films, speakers, and writers discussing the experience of Christians in the Middle East
  • Friday, September 11 “Chapter Building and Solidarity Dinner”
  • IDC national chapter members learn and share strategies to launch and grow IDC chapters in their communities
  • IDC Solidarity Dinner at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill, in solidarity with Christians in the Middle East