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Envisioning the Word: Illuminated Manuscripts and the Transmission of the Bible from: Late Antiquity to 1500 – Michelle Brown Lecture

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button_isrtvMonday November 11, 2013
4:30 pm
Armstrong Browning Library- Cox Lecture Hall

The Medieval Latin Paleography Workshop, funded by ISR’s Green Scholars Initiative, will begin with a  lecture by Michelle Brown, former manuscript curator at the British Library. Prof. Brown will introduce the week’s work with a lecture, ‘Envisioning the Word: Illuminated Manuscripts and the Transmission of the Bible from :Late Antiquity to 1500’.

This lecture, sponsored by the Honors College and Department of Classics, will be open to non GSI students from the Honors College, though only 65 seats are available in total.

Tuesday, November 12th through Thursday, November 13th from 3:30-5:30 in the same venue, Prof. Brown will hold sessions in her workshop, a tailored version of the one-week long ‘Introduction to medieval manuscript studies’ course that she has run for the University of London’s Rare Book School (and for the MA in the History of the Book, and previously for the British Library – all as international accredited masters programs). This would introduce students to the codicology, palaeography and art history of western mss (Latin and vernacular) and their production contexts from late Antiquity to c.1600.”

The week’s work will conclude Friday Nov 15, 3:30-5:00 in the Belew Scholars’ Room of the ABL, a hands-on session with Green Collection mss on loan to Baylor to be worked on by faculty-student teams, of which, to date, the GSI Speculum team under the leadership of Dr. Melinda Nielsen, is most advanced. The 10 or 11 student members of this team will be guaranteed a place in the workshop.