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Symposium on Faith & Generosity

This important symposium was held December 7, 2010, Baylor University at 1:30 p.m. Armstrong Browning Library Classroom.

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A Panel discussion moderated by Jay Hein, Distinguished Senior Fellow and Director of the Program on Faith & Generosity at ISR explored the:

WHY, HOW, and WHERE of Generous Giving

Generosity is unnatural. Therefore, a generous lifestyle must be learned and its habits acquired. Baylor’s Institute for Studies of Religion will host this symposium to assess how we might go about better understanding the causes and contributing factors that enable individuals to become generous givers.

Discussants were:

Dale Stockcamp, founder of Mission Increase Foundation (MIF)
Amy L. Sherman, ISR Senior Fellow and Co-Director of the Program on Faith & Generosity
Todd Harper, President, Generous Giving
David Wills, President of National Christian Foundation

The Generating Leverage Multiplying Impact: A Case Study of Mission Increase Foundation’s Blended Model of Charitable Investment by Amy L. Sherman was presented.


Click On The Case Study Image (to the right) to Download a copy of the complete case study (PDF)

Faith and Generosity

Build and Sustain Movement